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We, the original founders of Winning the Fight, have family member and board member, Deanna, affected by Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), a type of neurodegenerative disease (ND). We quickly learned that there is no cure for ALS, and there are no treatment options to save the lives of individuals who have this disease. After receiving this shocking news, we began to investigate how to make a difference. We discovered that several organizations were focused on finding the cure for this disease, a noble cause. However, we found that much less attention focused on efforts to treat ALS and other NDs as a means to slow the diseases’ progression, prolong individual's lives, and allow individuals to achieve a better quality of life until a cure is found. This motivated us to establish Winning the Fight and to focus our attention on a program for ALS and other NDs.

Prior to Winning the Fight’s establishment in 2010, Deanna first displayed symptoms of ALS in 2007 at age 30. Upon learning Deanna’s diagnosis, her father Dr. Vincent Tedone, retired physician and Winning the Fight medical liaison, researched NDs hoping to develop a treatment. With Deanna’s help, Dr. Tedone was able to test a variety of supplements on Deanna and measure their effectiveness. After over a year of testing, Dr. Tedone finally developed a metabolic program, the Deanna Protocol® that reduced ALS symptoms and restored functionality and strength in certain areas of Deanna’s body. After developing the protocol, Dr. Tedone continued to improve the program. This metabolic program, called the Deanna Protocol®, consists of non-invasive, inexpensive, and easily available oral supplements. Since the development of the Deanna Protocol®, other individuals with ND who have used the protocol succeeded in slowing and reversing the progressive damage NDs have caused to their bodies.